How To Award Affiliates With Commission.

Our affiliate program is optional for all vendors, studio owners and service provides. As a seller you have full control over the amount of commission you wish to offer affiliates. Commission rates are set in percentages and are very easy to set up. Please see below for more details.


To set a commission rate simply click AffiliateWP. For the affiliate rate you may enter any amount that you wish which is calculated in percentages and will be deducted from the total sale price. By default, all commissions rates are set to zero to prevent paying affiliates commissions and are only activated when a rate is set. Commissions are only paid when a customer makes a purchase after being referred by an affiliate. You may use our affiliate program to pay commissions for studio bookings, products and services.

In image above, a commission rate of 15% will be paid to affiliates only after a customer successfully checks out.