Studio Info

Our services provides you with the tools needed to increase your clientele and simplifies the process of selling studio time, services and products. Please see our list of helpful tips below to get you started. 
1. When creating your listings, please ensure that you provide the most accurate information.  By including details such as available services, hours, locations and equipment, artist have a better understanding of what you have to offer. 
2. Booking times, rates & days are fully up to your discretion. Our platform give you the ability to set your own availability, max/min hours, up-charges, allowed guest & more. We also provide instant payment with zero commission fees.
3. In addition to bookings, you may also sell products and/or services such as audio engineering, production, membership subscriptions, clothing & more.
4. Stand out amongst the crowd ! Our promotional packages lets you boost your listings in search results, featured listing spots and throughout our site. For even more exposer, our affiliate marketing program gives you the option to rewards affiliates with a commission rate of your choosing for promoting your bookings, products and/or services both on and offline.
 For questions, comments and concerns please feel free to reach us at